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Chicago Public Schools Employee Rosters (Updated)

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The Chicago Public Schools (“CPS”) has quietly posted an updated employee  position roster dated August 1, 2011. The employee roster contains employee position numbers, budget categories, job titles, full time equivalents, union affiliations, gross salaries (not including employee benefits), and school or departmental units.

As before, to facilitate analysis, the CPS employee roster (PDF file) has been converted to an Excel file and posted here (Position_List_08-01-2011r – employee names omitted).

Other files created from the CPS August report:
Job_Counts_by_Title_08-01-2011.xls (revised)
Aggregate listing of job titles, associated position counts, FTEs, and gross salaries.
Jobs_by_Unit-08-01-2011.xls (revised)
Aggregate listing of positions and jobs by CPS unit (schools, areas, citywide, and central office, and etc.).

Listing of vacant positions by job title (Vacant_by_Job-08-01-2011) and by unit (Vacant_by_Unit-08-01-2011).

The CPS position information is displayed and summarized in multiple ways in additional charts posted here.

Note: The CPS employee position roster is dated August 1, 2011 and has a file creation date of 8/26/2011. I do not know yet whether the information in the report is consistent with the published 2012 budget approved by the Chicago Board of Education on August 24, 2011.

Addendum – Files compiled from the November 15, 2010 position roster for comparison:




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