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September 28, 2011 Chicago Board of Ed Meeting

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The Chicago Board of Education meeting agenda for Wednesday, September 28, 2011, is available here. The complete public agenda, including the board reports, is available here.

  • RS6 – Resolution requests the Public Building Commission of Chicago to install
    security and surveillance cameras at 14 high schools [Clemente, Juarez, Senn, Hyde Park, Morgan Park, Orr, Marshall, Dunbar, Bogan, Wells, Tilden, Julian, Farragut, and Sullivan] at a cost not to exceed $522,472.53 per high school.
  • PO2 Rescinds 3 policies superseded by Public Act 97-0474, the Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force law, including Utilization of Physical Resources, Consolidation of Schools, and Closing of Schools policies.

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September 26, 2011 at 11:32 am

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Crime Incidents at Chicago Public School Locations

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The City of Chicago Data Portal has a dataset of reported incidents of crime that occurred in Chicago from 2001 to the present. Data is also available to view by individual calendar year.

Here is a link to map and table views of Chicago crime incidents with locations “SCHOOL, PUBLIC, BUILDING” and “SCHOOL, PUBLIC, GROUNDS.”

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Title I Parent Involvement Advisory Board Meeting

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Title I Parent Involvement Advisory Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Chicago Public Schools Central Office
125 S. Clark Street Chicago, IL.
15th Floor, Room 1550


Call to Order/Welcome
**Jose Hernandez,Chairperson

Roll Call
**Jose Hernandez,Chairperson

New Approval Process for Title I Parent Involvement Budget Expenditures
**Valerie Prendergast, Title I Parent Involvement Manager

Proposed Revisions to PIAB Structure
**Jose Villasenor, Deputy Director, Office of LSC Relations

Public comments
**(2 min. please)


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Chicago Public Schools Employee Rosters (Updated)

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The Chicago Public Schools (“CPS”) has quietly posted an updated employee  position roster dated August 1, 2011. The employee roster contains employee position numbers, budget categories, job titles, full time equivalents, union affiliations, gross salaries (not including employee benefits), and school or departmental units.

As before, to facilitate analysis, the CPS employee roster (PDF file) has been converted to an Excel file and posted here (Position_List_08-01-2011r – employee names omitted).

Other files created from the CPS August report:
Job_Counts_by_Title_08-01-2011.xls (revised)
Aggregate listing of job titles, associated position counts, FTEs, and gross salaries.
Jobs_by_Unit-08-01-2011.xls (revised)
Aggregate listing of positions and jobs by CPS unit (schools, areas, citywide, and central office, and etc.).

Listing of vacant positions by job title (Vacant_by_Job-08-01-2011) and by unit (Vacant_by_Unit-08-01-2011).

The CPS position information is displayed and summarized in multiple ways in additional charts posted here.

Note: The CPS employee position roster is dated August 1, 2011 and has a file creation date of 8/26/2011. I do not know yet whether the information in the report is consistent with the published 2012 budget approved by the Chicago Board of Education on August 24, 2011.

Addendum – Files compiled from the November 15, 2010 position roster for comparison:



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Family and Community Engagement

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The Chicago Public Schools Family and Community Engagement (“FACE”) office has a webpage that includes links to Community Action Council (“CAC”) member lists, community dialog reports, and a description of its strategic educational planning process.

Currently, there are five CPS CACs – Austin, Bronzeville, Englewood, Humboldt Park (Orr), Humboldt Park (Clemente) covering the following schools:

Austin CAC:

Elementary Schools: Young, Lewis, Hay, Brunson, McNair, Howe, Nash, Key, Ellington, Spencer, Catalyst, Emmet, Depriest, L. Armstrong, Leland, May, Plato, G.R. Clark  High Schools: Douglass, Austin Polytech, Austin Business, VOISE, Michelle Clark

Bronzeville CAC:

Elementary Schools: Ariel, Attucks, Beasley, Beethoven, Bronzeville Lighthouse, Burke, Doolittle, Drake, Fuller, Hendricks, Mayo, Mollison, National Teachers, Overton, Pershing East, Pershing West, Perspectives – IIT Math And Science Academy, Price, Reavis, Robinson, Shabazz – Dusable, U of C – Donoghue, U of C – North Kenwood, U of C Charter – Woodson, Wells, Williams ES, Williams Middle, Woodson South.  High Schools: Ace Technical Charter Hs, Bronzeville Scholastic, Chicago Military, Dunbar, Dyett, King, Phillips AA, Phillips Hs, Williams Medicine, Youth Connections Alt Charter, Young Women’s Leadership

Englewood CAC

Englewood Elementary Schools: Altgeld, Banneker, Bass, Bond, Bontemps, Cics – Basil, Claremont, Davis Magnet, Earle, Goodlow, Guggenheim, Henderson, Hinton, Holmes, Kershaw Langford (Formerly Copernicus), Mays, Nicholson, O’Toole, Parker, Providence Englewood, Randolph, Reed, Shabazz – Sizemore, Stagg, Sherwood, Wentworth, Woods, Yale  Englewood High Schools: Harper HS, Hope, Lindblom HS, Robeson AA, Robeson HS, Team Englewood, Urban Prep

Humboldt Park CACs

Humboldt & West Humboldt Elementary Schools: Cameron, Casals, Chase, Chopin, De Diego, De Duprey, Erie Charter, Funston, Galapagos Charter, Goethe, Lafayette, Lowell, Mitchell, Moos, Morton, Otis, Polaris Charter Academy, Ryerson, Sabin, Stowe, Von Humboldt, Ward, Yates. Humboldt & West Humboldt High Schools: Aspira – Ramirez, Clemente AA, Noble – Rowe-Clark, Clemente HS, Orr Academy

Each CAC is developing a strategic educational plan. The Austin CAC plan is available here.

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