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2011 5-Year CPS Student Cohort Graduation Rates

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The Chicago Public Schools  has posted updated 5-year cohort graduation and dropout rates for the 1999 through 2011 school years. Although the 5-year cohort graduation rate has increased (slightly) from 2010 to 2011, too many young people still are not graduating. In 2011, 57.5 percent of 31,708 Chicago public schoolchildren graduated from high school within 5 years, up from 55.8 percent in 2010. So about 539 more children graduated in 2011 than would have had the graduation rate remained unchanged.

The graduation rate continues to be lowest among black students (51.8 percent) and highest among Asian students (81.8 percent). The rate for black male students was less than 50 percent (43.3 percent).

Graduation rates were highest among selective enrollment high school students, but a few SEHS had rates below several neighborhood and charter high schools. King, Chicago Agricultural, and Lindblom High Schools had relatively low rates (74.6 percent, 70.5 percent, and 68.9 percent, respectively) when compared to other SEHS.

Urban Prep Charter School’s 5-year cohort graduation rate was 60 percent. Dyett High School had the lowest graduation rate of general high schools – 31.3 percent (down from 37.2 percent in 2010).

The data are available from CPS Research and Accountability here.


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