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June 2011 Chicago Board of Education Meeting

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The Chicago Board of Education meeting agenda for Wednesday, June 22, 2011, is available here. The complete public agenda, including the board reports, is available here. (Note:10MB, PDF)

The agenda includes the following items:

  • 11-0622-RS27 Resolution Authorizing Expenditures at Beginning of Fiscal Year 2012 [@ PDF page 63]
  • 11-0622-RS34 Resolution Approving the Election and Appointment of New Delegates to the Chicago Multilingual Parents Council
  • 11-0622-PO1 Approve a Restated Policy on the Layoff of Teachers for Reasons Other Than Those Within the Scope of Board Policy 504-2 [@ PDF page 79]
  • 11-0622-ED1 Report on Student Expulsions for May 2011 – 382 students have been expelled this school year, since August 1, 2010.
  • Eight charter school lease agreements for the use of various public school buildings
  • 11-0622-EX6 Principal Contracts (B)  – Principal contract renewed at the following schools: Lincoln, Kipling, Grimes, Hurley, Goldblatt, Bateman, Twain, Jensen, Ashe, Funston, Chappell, Falconer, Finkl, Manierre, Emmet,  Northside College Prep, Monroe, Whitney, Ryerson, Budlong, Evergreen, Dvorak, Mason, Haugan, Agassiz, Nettlehorst, and Jordan.

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