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FY 2012 Final Enrollment Projections

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Here are CPS’ FY2012 school-by-school-by-grade enrollment projections as obtained from CPS under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

According to the FY2011 CPS budget book, typically,

“In January, schools received information on projections for student enrollment and special education  resources. Both of these projections have thorough appeal processes for schools that last through February.” (Page 398)

As reported under “School-Based Budgeting” or “School Appropriation Overview” sections of the annual CPS budget book,

“The base amount of resources that a school receives is driven by a school’s student enrollment projection, which determines the number of quota teachers and support staff and the allocation of instructional equipment and supplies that are paid for by General Funds (also referred to as Board Funds). A school’s student enrollment projection also determines the per-pupil budget allocation that a per pupil-funded school receives. These enrollment projections are calculated by the Office of School Planning and Demographics and are based on five years of enrollment trend data and the cohort survival ratio for each school. The cohort survival ratio compares the number of students in a particular grade at a particular school to the number of students in the previous grade during the previous year. Ratios are computed for each grade progression and are then used to project future enrollments.” (Page 113)

FY12 Final Projections.xlsx


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