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CPS June 2011 Expenditure Report Summary

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The fiscal year 2011 Chicago Public Schools (“CPS”) $6.5 billion budget includes an operating budget portion of about $5.28 billion.  The reports posted below represent aggregate summaries of fiscal year 2011 CPS operating budget expenditure report data that was provided by the Chicago Public Schools on June 8, 2011. Capital and other funds (i.e., fund numbers greater than 369) are not included.

The expenditure data are summarized in the spreadsheets five ways: by fund, by grant, by account, by program, and by unit (CPS cost center).  Definitions for the funds, grants, accounts, programs, and units used in the expenditure reports (also known as “budget inquiry reports”) can be found in Chapter 4 (page 10) of the CPS Local School Council Reference Guide 2010-2012.  The LSC guide also includes the definitions for the following expenditure report columns: original budget, current budget, commitments, obligations, expenditures, and funds available (See also the glossary of the CPS FY2011 budget book, pages 413-423).

The amounts in the “Funds Available” column provide some measure of the amount of unencumbered money CPS has near the close of the current school and fiscal year.  Some examples:

The fund summary shows that at the beginning of this month, CPS schools had an aggregate total of

  • $58,142,888 in unspent Supplemental General State Aid (Fund #225).
  • $13,610,005.48  in unspent Federal Title 1 – 2009 Stimulus (ARRA) (Fund #331)
  • $39,353,510.64 negative balance in the Workers’ & Unemployment Compensation/Tort Fund (#210).

From the accounts view-

  • Of the $83.8 million allocated for textbooks (Account #53305), $31.2 million remains in funds available.
  • $43 million is unspent under Professional & Technical Services (#54125)
  • There are negative balances in Unemployment Compensation (-$23.8M) and Workers’ Compensation (-$19M) accounts (#57505 and #57605, respectively).

From the grants view-

  • New and Expansion School Funding (Grant#005058) moves toward the end of the fiscal year with $11.6 million in funds available out of a current budget of $13.3 million.
  • Title 1 NCLB Mandated Parent Involvement ARRA (Grant #430103) retains $957,811.56 of $1,499,307.31 (or 63.9%) in available balances.
  • NCLB After School Program ARRA (#430104) retains $1,753,080.32 of $7,142,165.50 (24.5%)
  • NCLB Culture of Calm ARRA (#430105) still has $3,578,169.97 of $41,400,064.00 (8.6%)
  • Title 1 NCLB Mandated Parent Involvement (#430115) has available $1,753,847.67 of $2,991,704.73 (58.6%)

The program view shows that almost $33 million in Supplemental General State Aid (“SGSA”) carryover from FY2010 was not allocated and remains in program 119021-SGSA Prior Year Allocation.

Fiscal year 2011 expenditure report summary files .xls and .pdf

Questions: chicagoschoolproject@gmail.com


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