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Title I Parent Involvement Advisory Board Special Meeting

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Title I Parent Involvement Advisory Board Special Meeting

Wednesday June 29, 2011

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Parent Resource Center
521 E. 35th Street Chicago, IL.


Call to Order/Welcome
**Jose Hernandez,Chairperson

Roll Call
**Jose Hernandez,Chairperson

CPS Presentation on the FY12 Title I Budget Allocation
**Kimberly Thomas, Deputy Officer Grants and Management

Presentation on CPS Title I Parent Involvement Policy
**Valerie Prendergast, Title I Parent Involvement Manager

Public comments
**(2 min. please)



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Local School Council Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of the Local School Council Advisory Board Meetings held on January 24, 2011, February 28, 2011, March 21, 2011, and April 26, 2011 are available here.

On May 25, 2011, the Chicago Board of Education approved the membership of this advisory board for a two-year term of office that begins July 1, 2011 and ends June 30, 2013.

For the list of advisory board members, see Board report #11-0525-RS17, May 25, 2011, available here.

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June 2011 Chicago Board of Education Meeting

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The Chicago Board of Education meeting agenda for Wednesday, June 22, 2011, is available here. The complete public agenda, including the board reports, is available here. (Note:10MB, PDF)

The agenda includes the following items:

  • 11-0622-RS27 Resolution Authorizing Expenditures at Beginning of Fiscal Year 2012 [@ PDF page 63]
  • 11-0622-RS34 Resolution Approving the Election and Appointment of New Delegates to the Chicago Multilingual Parents Council
  • 11-0622-PO1 Approve a Restated Policy on the Layoff of Teachers for Reasons Other Than Those Within the Scope of Board Policy 504-2 [@ PDF page 79]
  • 11-0622-ED1 Report on Student Expulsions for May 2011 – 382 students have been expelled this school year, since August 1, 2010.
  • Eight charter school lease agreements for the use of various public school buildings
  • 11-0622-EX6 Principal Contracts (B)  – Principal contract renewed at the following schools: Lincoln, Kipling, Grimes, Hurley, Goldblatt, Bateman, Twain, Jensen, Ashe, Funston, Chappell, Falconer, Finkl, Manierre, Emmet,  Northside College Prep, Monroe, Whitney, Ryerson, Budlong, Evergreen, Dvorak, Mason, Haugan, Agassiz, Nettlehorst, and Jordan.

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CPS’ Projected FY2012 Budget Deficit

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The following note about the Chicago Public Schools (“CPS”) projected fiscal year (“FY”) 2012 budget deficit was previously posted on another website and was current as of May 31, 2011. The website restricts postings to 500 words and did not accommodate additional details or links to original sources provided here.

CPS claims it has a $700 million to over $800 million FY2012 budget deficit.

In February/March presentations, CPS gave four reasons for its deficit projection: ARRA fund loss ($260M), Education Job Funds ($104M), one time funds from reserves ($190M), and cost of living increases ($170M). This added up to $720M+.

The FY2011 CPS Budget projected ARRA funds at $301.9 million. CPS had hoped to receive Race to the Top funds ($55M). These funds are listed in the budget as “ARRA other miscellaneous federal grants.” This line has been reduced to $24 million. If these are real ARRA funds, too, then the deficit attributed to ARRA funds should be raised to about $284M.

CPS appropriated $106M, not $104M, to the Education Jobs fund line. How does CPS account for the extra $2M? CPS reported to the Audit Committee that it used $58.3M for FY11 but retained about $46M for FY2012. So why does CPS include the entire $104 million in the deficit figure instead of just $58.3M?

CPS is losing a fund balance of $190M, carried over from the previous year. But that doesn’t mean CPS has a zero fund balance, now. In November, CPS said it was replenishing its fund balance. In February, the Audit Committee reported the “FY2011 budget to actual remains on track” and “Risks of overspend offset by items with lower than budgeted expenditures.” February 2011, CPS had a General Education Fund (115) available balance of $332M. Last February 2010, CPS had $185M in available balances in this fund (Source: CPS). Several other fund balances are greater this year and one wonders whether CPS has been withholding resources that could have benefited students this school year. Although the amounts in available balances may not be the same thing as the unreserved fund balance, how do we know that the latter is zero?

CPS has projected $170M in cost of living increases plus unspecified potential operational cost increases. Why doesn’t CPS project its operational costs (i.e., new schools/consolidated/closed schools, and etc.)?

If late state payments contribute to the deficit, why doesn’t CPS specifically include this factor in the set of deficit drivers? How much does the state owe?

In addition to reporting dollar amounts for its deficit drivers, CPS should provide the dollar amounts for its deficit reducers, too. The FY2012 Budget Overview lists “Factors that Decrease the Deficit,” but it doesn’t put a dollar amount on any of them. How much is the TIF surplus? CPS said it was worth $90M (November). Catalyst reported it worth $50M (February). What are the bond restructuring benefits?

CPS should produce a financial table with FY2011 inputs (state, federal, local), costs, available balances, and including changes to the original budget against projected FY2012 inputs, costs, and projected carryover.


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FY 2012 Final Enrollment Projections

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Here are CPS’ FY2012 school-by-school-by-grade enrollment projections as obtained from CPS under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

According to the FY2011 CPS budget book, typically,

“In January, schools received information on projections for student enrollment and special education  resources. Both of these projections have thorough appeal processes for schools that last through February.” (Page 398)

As reported under “School-Based Budgeting” or “School Appropriation Overview” sections of the annual CPS budget book,

“The base amount of resources that a school receives is driven by a school’s student enrollment projection, which determines the number of quota teachers and support staff and the allocation of instructional equipment and supplies that are paid for by General Funds (also referred to as Board Funds). A school’s student enrollment projection also determines the per-pupil budget allocation that a per pupil-funded school receives. These enrollment projections are calculated by the Office of School Planning and Demographics and are based on five years of enrollment trend data and the cohort survival ratio for each school. The cohort survival ratio compares the number of students in a particular grade at a particular school to the number of students in the previous grade during the previous year. Ratios are computed for each grade progression and are then used to project future enrollments.” (Page 113)

FY12 Final Projections.xlsx

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CPS June 2011 Expenditure Report Summary

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The fiscal year 2011 Chicago Public Schools (“CPS”) $6.5 billion budget includes an operating budget portion of about $5.28 billion.  The reports posted below represent aggregate summaries of fiscal year 2011 CPS operating budget expenditure report data that was provided by the Chicago Public Schools on June 8, 2011. Capital and other funds (i.e., fund numbers greater than 369) are not included.

The expenditure data are summarized in the spreadsheets five ways: by fund, by grant, by account, by program, and by unit (CPS cost center).  Definitions for the funds, grants, accounts, programs, and units used in the expenditure reports (also known as “budget inquiry reports”) can be found in Chapter 4 (page 10) of the CPS Local School Council Reference Guide 2010-2012.  The LSC guide also includes the definitions for the following expenditure report columns: original budget, current budget, commitments, obligations, expenditures, and funds available (See also the glossary of the CPS FY2011 budget book, pages 413-423).

The amounts in the “Funds Available” column provide some measure of the amount of unencumbered money CPS has near the close of the current school and fiscal year.  Some examples:

The fund summary shows that at the beginning of this month, CPS schools had an aggregate total of

  • $58,142,888 in unspent Supplemental General State Aid (Fund #225).
  • $13,610,005.48  in unspent Federal Title 1 – 2009 Stimulus (ARRA) (Fund #331)
  • $39,353,510.64 negative balance in the Workers’ & Unemployment Compensation/Tort Fund (#210).

From the accounts view-

  • Of the $83.8 million allocated for textbooks (Account #53305), $31.2 million remains in funds available.
  • $43 million is unspent under Professional & Technical Services (#54125)
  • There are negative balances in Unemployment Compensation (-$23.8M) and Workers’ Compensation (-$19M) accounts (#57505 and #57605, respectively).

From the grants view-

  • New and Expansion School Funding (Grant#005058) moves toward the end of the fiscal year with $11.6 million in funds available out of a current budget of $13.3 million.
  • Title 1 NCLB Mandated Parent Involvement ARRA (Grant #430103) retains $957,811.56 of $1,499,307.31 (or 63.9%) in available balances.
  • NCLB After School Program ARRA (#430104) retains $1,753,080.32 of $7,142,165.50 (24.5%)
  • NCLB Culture of Calm ARRA (#430105) still has $3,578,169.97 of $41,400,064.00 (8.6%)
  • Title 1 NCLB Mandated Parent Involvement (#430115) has available $1,753,847.67 of $2,991,704.73 (58.6%)

The program view shows that almost $33 million in Supplemental General State Aid (“SGSA”) carryover from FY2010 was not allocated and remains in program 119021-SGSA Prior Year Allocation.

Fiscal year 2011 expenditure report summary files .xls and .pdf

Questions: chicagoschoolproject@gmail.com

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