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December 2010 Chicago Board of Education Meeting

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The Board agenda for this Wednesday, December 15, 2010, is available here. The complete public agenda, including the board reports, is available here.

Agenda items include:

  • 10-1215-ED1 Report on Student Expulsions for November 2010. One hundred forty-six (146) schoolchildren have been expelled since August 1, 2010; 55 were expelled in November. From August 1, 2009 through July 31, 2010, CPS expelled 531 schoolchildren.
  • 10-1215-RS1 – Boeing Company donates the services of one of its employees to serve as Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive Officer for the next six months.
  • 10-1215–RS2-7 – Several resolutions concerning tax abatements to pay debt service on unlimited tax general obligation bonds
  • 10-1215-RS8 Resolution Levying Taxes for the Fiscal Year 2010-2011 for School Purposes of the Board of Education of the City of Chicago in the amount of Two Billion, Eighty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,085,500,000) from property taxes: $2,030,500,000 for educational purposes and $55,000,000 for paying tort judgments and settlements, insurance costs.
  • 10-1215-RS10 Resolution Authorizing the City of Chicago to Open, Construct, Extend and Widen Public Streets Adjacent to the New Southwest Area High School as Public Rights of Way
  • 10-1215- OP2 – Creates an intergovernmental agreement with the Chicago Park District and Public Building Commission to design/construct Marshall High School Campus Park ($10 million)
  • 10-1215-CO2 – announces the completion of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of the Board for fiscal year 2010.
  • 10-1215-EX2 – Uses federal Title II ($1,045,080.40) and General Education funds ($250K) for contract with Academy of Urban School Leadership to train teachers and provide professional development for several schools: Dodge, Chicago Academy, Tarkington, National Teachers Academy, Chicago Academy High School, Collins High School, Orr, and Eric Solorio Academy High School.
  • 10-1215- ED2 – Increases by $4 million (new total $59,730,000) the amount available to purchase early childhood care services from 168 vendors. Childcare services are for children from birth to 5 years of age and are provided at no cost to eligible families.
  • 10-1215- ED4 Approves 2010-2012 School Improvement Plans for over 400 Chicago schools on probation and/or in federal or state school improvement status.
  • 10-1215- PR9 – Continues a professional development program for Area 21 principals provided by the University of Chicago Social Services Administration/ Network for College Success. The program, at a cost of up to $400K, is expected to increase the Area 21 freshman on-track-to-graduate rate 6 percentage points, from 72 to 78 percent, by June 2011, and increase FAFSA completion rates, and student scholarships.
  • 10-1215- PR17 Increases the amount of money available for consultant nursing services to $4,044,511 (from $2 million)
  • 10-1215- PR16 Provides up to $300K to the Museum of Science and Industry for teacher science education.
  • 10-1215- EX14, EX15 – Galileo has a new contract principal. Contracts are renewed for principals of Von Steuben, Earhart, Dawes, Rogers, West Park, Lane, Walsh, Vanderpoel, Keller, Albany Park, Gompers, Kanoon, Parkside, and Smyser schools.
  • 10-1215-EX3-13 –Charters -7 charters school organizations have renewal agreements. New charter agreements are offered to an additional four (4) charter school organizations.
  • 10-1215- EX1 Transfer of Funds – A board report is required for all funds transfers of $1,000 or more. There are 1060 transfers of funds included in the 356 page December report.

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