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Annual Charter School Reports

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In compliance with the Illinois Charter Schools Law (105 ILCS 5/27A-12), the Illinois State Board of Education makes an annual report on the status of Illinois charter schools to the Illinois General Assembly and governor. The latest annual charter school report is available on the ISBE website or from http://www.isbe.state.il.us/charter/pdf/charter_annual_10.pdf.

Here are the reports for the 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005 years.


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December 2010 Chicago Board of Education Meeting

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The Board agenda for this Wednesday, December 15, 2010, is available here. The complete public agenda, including the board reports, is available here.

Agenda items include:

  • 10-1215-ED1 Report on Student Expulsions for November 2010. One hundred forty-six (146) schoolchildren have been expelled since August 1, 2010; 55 were expelled in November. From August 1, 2009 through July 31, 2010, CPS expelled 531 schoolchildren.
  • 10-1215-RS1 – Boeing Company donates the services of one of its employees to serve as Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive Officer for the next six months.
  • 10-1215–RS2-7 – Several resolutions concerning tax abatements to pay debt service on unlimited tax general obligation bonds
  • 10-1215-RS8 Resolution Levying Taxes for the Fiscal Year 2010-2011 for School Purposes of the Board of Education of the City of Chicago in the amount of Two Billion, Eighty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,085,500,000) from property taxes: $2,030,500,000 for educational purposes and $55,000,000 for paying tort judgments and settlements, insurance costs.
  • 10-1215-RS10 Resolution Authorizing the City of Chicago to Open, Construct, Extend and Widen Public Streets Adjacent to the New Southwest Area High School as Public Rights of Way
  • 10-1215- OP2 – Creates an intergovernmental agreement with the Chicago Park District and Public Building Commission to design/construct Marshall High School Campus Park ($10 million)
  • 10-1215-CO2 – announces the completion of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of the Board for fiscal year 2010.
  • 10-1215-EX2 – Uses federal Title II ($1,045,080.40) and General Education funds ($250K) for contract with Academy of Urban School Leadership to train teachers and provide professional development for several schools: Dodge, Chicago Academy, Tarkington, National Teachers Academy, Chicago Academy High School, Collins High School, Orr, and Eric Solorio Academy High School.
  • 10-1215- ED2 – Increases by $4 million (new total $59,730,000) the amount available to purchase early childhood care services from 168 vendors. Childcare services are for children from birth to 5 years of age and are provided at no cost to eligible families.
  • 10-1215- ED4 Approves 2010-2012 School Improvement Plans for over 400 Chicago schools on probation and/or in federal or state school improvement status.
  • 10-1215- PR9 – Continues a professional development program for Area 21 principals provided by the University of Chicago Social Services Administration/ Network for College Success. The program, at a cost of up to $400K, is expected to increase the Area 21 freshman on-track-to-graduate rate 6 percentage points, from 72 to 78 percent, by June 2011, and increase FAFSA completion rates, and student scholarships.
  • 10-1215- PR17 Increases the amount of money available for consultant nursing services to $4,044,511 (from $2 million)
  • 10-1215- PR16 Provides up to $300K to the Museum of Science and Industry for teacher science education.
  • 10-1215- EX14, EX15 – Galileo has a new contract principal. Contracts are renewed for principals of Von Steuben, Earhart, Dawes, Rogers, West Park, Lane, Walsh, Vanderpoel, Keller, Albany Park, Gompers, Kanoon, Parkside, and Smyser schools.
  • 10-1215-EX3-13 –Charters -7 charters school organizations have renewal agreements. New charter agreements are offered to an additional four (4) charter school organizations.
  • 10-1215- EX1 Transfer of Funds – A board report is required for all funds transfers of $1,000 or more. There are 1060 transfers of funds included in the 356 page December report.

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