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August 2010 Chicago Board of Education Meeting

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Tomorrow, August 25, 2010, the Chicago Board of Education is scheduled to adopt the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Annual School Budget for Fiscal Year 2011 [10-0825-RS2]. A copy of the Proposed CPS FY 2011 Budget is available online here.

CPS hasn’t posted any revisions or updates to the Proposed FY 2011 Budget that incorporate its plan to expend $100 million in additional federal funds to hire additional teachers and maintain high school class sizes at 28 students in core subjects.

The Chicago Board of Education (CBOE) agenda for the August 25, 2010 meeting is available online here. The complete public agenda, including the board reports, is available here.

Other items on the CBOE meeting agenda:

Additional Learning Opportunities (see also 10-0825-PR8)

10-0825-RS3: Resolution Approving the School Day for Additional
Learning Opportunities

  • CPS “will increase the student learning hours in certain Chicago Public Schools by requiring students enrolled in those schools to attend an optional 90 additional minutes per day for five days per week or as otherwise scheduled.”
  • The Board plans to implement these additional learning opportunities at up to 15 elementary schools during the 2010-11 school year. The 15 schools are: Hay, Clark, Leland, Ryerson, Gregory, Calhoun North, Smyth, Lawndale, Walsh, Chavez, Woodson South, Burke, Mt Vernon, Fort Dearbon, and Evers.
  • “The Board is permitted by Section 34-18.4 of the Illinois School Code to operate before and after-school programs, which must be coordinated by certified teachers but may be staffed by non-certificated personnel.”

DRAFT 10-0825-RS4: Resolution Approving I-Learning for High Schools

  • This resolution is to ratify expanding access to “approved online courses for the purpose of offering advanced learning opportunities, enriched learning options and credit recovery courses in order to give Chicago Public Schools students an individualized learning path to meet graduation requirements.” And “the Board will make this program available, based on funding, to all Chicago Public Schools high schools where courses are appropriate and there exists a demonstrated need.”

Parent-Community Involvement

10-0825-RS5: Resolution Approving the Appointment of the President of the Chicago Multilingual Parents Council to a One-Year Term

  • The Chicago Multilingual Parents Council (CMPC) includes “nine (9) parent delegates from the six clusters of the CPS to be elected by the presidents of local school bilingual advisory councils; and for: three (3) at-large parent delegates-, six (6) community delegates from the six CPS clusters; and three (3) at-large bilingual education personnel delegates, to be appointed by the Board.” The names of CMPC members can be found here.

10-0825-RS6: Appoints eight new CPS parent members to fill vacancies on the NCLB Title 1 Parent Involvement Advisory Board.

For the 2010-2011 school year, meetings of the Parent Involvement Advisory Board (PIAB) will be on the following dates and will start at 5:30 p.m.:
September 13, 2010
December 13, 2010
March 8, 2011
May 10, 2011
PIAB meetings are usually held in the Board chambers at the CPS Central Office, 125 S. Clark Street, but that may change for future meetings.

Transfer of Funds

10-0825-EX1: Transfer of Funds

  • Office of Language and Culture moves $1000 of General Education Funds from printing to commodities supplies for the World Language Unit
  • Citywide Office of Extended Learning Opportunities moves $1,000 General Education Funds to Mason Elementary School for Professional/Tech Services and $1000 for pupil transportation each for the Keep Kids Learning/Fine Arts program at Mason, Ross, and Delano schools.
  • Citywide Office of Human Resources moves $1,089,139 Title II Teacher Quality funds to Citywide Education for Staff Development.
  • Citywide Office of Science moves $1,132,163 NCLB Title 1 Regular Fund from IDS Textbooks to Citywide Education Miscellaneous Contingencies.
  • Citywide Education transfers $3 million NCLB Title 1 Regular Funds to Citywide Transportation Services to pay for FY10 NCLB School Choice/Supplemental Education Services.
  • $3,546,600 Federal Title 1- 2009 Stimulus money is transferred from Citywide Education to ECIA Projects for teacher salaries to restore World Language positions.
  • $4 million NCLB Title 1 Regular Funds are moved from Citywide Office of Extended Learning Opportunities to Citywide Education to be stored in a contingency fund due to a reduction in community schools.

Teacher Sabbaticals

Four teachers to be approved for sabbatical leave from Steinmetz, Citwide Special Education, Clemente, and Walsh school units.

Charter Agreements

CBOE to approve charter schools agreements with Catalyst Charter –Circle Rock and Howland Schools

Student Exclusions

10-0825-ED1: Report on Student Expulsions for July 2010

  • 57 children were expelled in July 2010.  Between August 1, 2009 through July 31, 2010, CPS expelled 531 schoolchildren.   In 2006, CPS expelled 881 schoolchildren, in 2007, CPS expelled 572 children, and in 2008, CPS expelled 815.  Last year, 2009, CPS expelled 614 schoolchildren.

Service Contracts

10-0825-PR1: Approve Exercising the Final Option to Renew the Agreements With Various Vendors for the Purchase of Janitorial Products

  • Up to $3 million for various vendors for janitorial service
  • For FY 2011-2013?

10-0825-PR2:  Approve Exercising The Final Option To Renew The Agreement With Staples Business Advantage, A Division Of Staples Contract And Commercial, Inc. For The Purchase Of Remanufactured Inkjet And Laser Toner Cartridges And Compatible Inkjet And Laser Toner Cartridges “for use by all schools and departments at a cost for the option period not to exceed $100,000.” September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011.

Tax Increment Financing -TIFs

10-0825-PR4: Approve Exercising The Second Option To Renew The Agreement With Johnson Research Group For Consulting Services Related To The Modern Schools Across Chicago Program And Other TIF Projects

  • “Consultant will focus on preparing detailed financial analyses of available TIF revenues for each TIF district, assessing TIF funding strategies, negotiating financial commitments with the City, reviewing appropriate school sites for TIF eligibility, consulting on written agreements with the City to formalize a revenue stream for funding on the capital improvement program…”etc.
  • This consultant is responsible for delivering “monthly project reports, database of TIF revenues and potential revenue opportunities from existing TIF districts, a database of schools in or adjacent to TIFs, an updated funding matrix for the Modern Schools Across Chicago Program, feasibility analyses, and strategic planning documents, all as requested by the Chief Operating Officer.”
  • And the outcome of services “will continue to result in revenue for the Capital Improvement Program over the next 1-5 years to help build over 24 new schools, major renovations and additions.”  According to Board Report 09-0722-PR7, “the consultant has helped negotiate $750 million in intergovernmental agreements with the City of Chicago to fund new schools from TIF revenues and anticipates negotiating additional funding to complete the Modern Schools Across Chicago program.”
  • not to exceed the sum of $250,000

Alternative Learning Opportunities

10-0825-PR7: “Ratifies an agreement with Prologue W.E.B. DuBois Academy to provide Alternative Learning Opportunities Program Services to Area 30 at a cost not to exceed $6,885,807 for fiscal years 2008 through 2011. Services for fiscal years 2008 through 2010 were obtained without prior Board approval.”

  • “High quality alternative educational program services for high school students age 17 years and older who have had significant leaves of absence from school or have been involved with the juvenile justice system and have few, if any, high school credits. The program shall be designed to prepare students for graduation from high school and provide a post-secondary path. Vendor will provide a 24 credit requirement program, aligned with Chicago Public Schools graduation requirements. Students’ diplomas will be issued by their home schools.”
  • “To date Vendor has received payment in the amount of $4,894,062.00; no further payment shall be made to Vendor prior to the execution of the written agreement.”
  • How does CPS pay for services provided since FY 2008, without CBOE approval?

Additional Learning Opportunities Services (not to be confused with Alternative Learning Opportunities) (see also 10-0825-RS3)

DRAFT 10-0825-PR8: “Approve entering into agreements with various vendors for the purchase of additional learning opportunities services for District 299 at an aggregate cost not to exceed $900,000.”

  • “The district’s neighborhood schools currently offer only 914 hours of instructional time, which is the lowest urban total in the nation and 20% below the national average for urban districts. This initiative aims to expand instructional time by adding up to ninety minutes of computer-aided instruction to each school day. Students will receive computer-based instruction to build and develop their skills in math and reading. Engaging, web-based software will provide individualized and self-paced instruction at the level of each student.
  • The Board will implement this initiative across the District, beginning with a pilot during the 2010-2011 school year.”
  • “Vendors shall provide software licenses, training, implementation and technical support to participating schools and supporting central office departments. Vendors were evaluated both on the quality of their proposed software program and on their ability to fully implement their proposed software program.”
  • “Vendors shall provide research-based software that users will access online which focuses on conceptual learning in literacy and/or mathematics. The software shall be easily navigable by students and require little adult supervision. The software shall align with appropriate state and/or national standards and provide age-appropriate curricula which is adaptive and regularly tracks student progress.”

“Vendors will be assessed on performance metrics that include, but are not limited to:

  • % of students in the top half of Scantron performance (math, reading)
  • % of students who meet expected gains on Scantron (math, reading)
  • % of students who meet or exceed on ISAT (math, reading)
  • % of schools receiving adequate training prior to launch
  • % of high priority technology service calls addressed in target timeframes”

DRAFT 10-0825-PR9: Approve Payment to Citadel Information Management for services provided to the Office of the Board for document destruction services at $13,000.

10-0825-PR13: Approve Entering Into Agreements With ISBE-Approved Supplemental Educational Service Providers at an aggregate cost not to exceed $50,000,000.

  • There are 64 possible vendors listed.
  • “Outcomes: Providers’ services will result in improved overall academic performance and increased achievement on standardized tests, improved student confidence and positive attitude through self-paced progress and achievement.”

See complete agenda for the other items and details.


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