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Last month the Chicago Public Schools (“CPS”) posted three employee rosters (position files) on its website. The documents are dated February 1, 2009, June 30, 2009, and May 1, 2010, and include employee position numbers, budget categories, job titles, full time equivalents, union affiliations, gross salaries (not including employee benefits), and school or departmental units. CPS plans to post and update these position files, quarterly.

CPS did not provide the position reports in a file format amenable to an analysis of changes in the number of positions or specific job titles over time or in the distribution of human resources across schools. Additionally, CPS omitted the names of supporting fund sources (i.e., federal Title 1, Supplemental General State Aid, general or other funds) and programs served by each position. Although it’s possible to count, for example, the number of regular teaching positions assigned to each school, the number assigned to teach physics or biology or English, and etc. is not shown.

To facilitate analysis of the position files, the CPS Employee Rosters (PDF files) have been converted to Excel files and posted here (employee names omitted):


Other files created from the CPS reports:

Aggregate listing of job titles, associated position counts, FTEs, and gross salaries.

Aggregate listing of positions and jobs by CPS unit (schools, areas, citywide, and central office, and etc.).

The CPS position information is displayed and summarized in multiple ways in additional charts posted here.

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